Born and raised in Colorado, Julie lives and works in Southern California.

Art and music have always been an important part of her life. After studying business in college, it was a trip to Florence, Italy that impacted Julie’s life. So inspired by the art there, she determined to change her life, take her art to the next level and to earn her living through art. Julie serves as Director of Front Porch Gallery, a nonprofit gallery in Carlsbad, CA where she has worked since January 2006. There she curates exhibits, works with region based artists, oversees operations including developing programs for residents of Front Porch Communities and juries exhibitions both for the gallery and outside organizations.

Julie has continued to develop her technical knowledge and skills through self-study as well as through workshops including with Rebecca Crowell in Ireland in 2015 and 2017, Krista Harris in 2019 and Nicholas Wilton.

With a unique artistic voice and evocative exploration of our shared human workings, Julie strives to uplift by creating artworks with an aim to illicit feeling as well as thought. Her desire is to create beauty in her work without it having to be pretty.

Julie is represented by where she is a Top Artist. Her work is also sold nationally through the exclusive Crate and Barrel and partnership where she continues to be a top seller. Additionally, Julie is represented world-wide with fine art publisher ImageConscious. Julie’s work has been exhibited internationally and featured in the books A Walk into Abstracts 2 and Joomchi and Beyond.

Julie recently completed her first two week artist residency in France where she completed large paintings working on the idea of collective memory. Serving as artist mentor, speaker and teacher are newer aspects of her art practice.