My work examines layers, transparent and opaque as a metaphor for what is the human condition. What is hidden is sometimes more revealing than what is seen. It is this paradox that interests me, the interplay of where we have come from and where we can be found now.

A recurring theme is the idea of compartments and compartmentalizing our lives, literally and figuratively. My work is informed by society’s teachings, how to separate ourselves, from our work, our heritage, our family, each other. We compartmentalize in the face of trauma in order to cope, and in the face of joy to celebrate and hold on to that positive space. We deal with compartments as we deal with labels, as a way to view this contemporary life.

My method primarily involves the layering and layering of color, then breaking through to discover what is beneath. Often the result grows organically, however the idea is usually well thought out. My subjects can be a simple yet complex emotion, or a memory. I strive to achieve a work that is compelling, meditative, insightful and also illicit thought. I am successful when I can achieve painterly beauty without having to be pretty.

Mixed media, oil & cold wax and encaustics lead to surfaces that are seductive and resonate with my layering. This work has a direct connection and is process driven.

I am influenced most by artists with a brave heart.