These three 30x30cm commission pieces are being delivered tomorrow to their new home in Fair Haven, NJ.

I so appreciate my clients trusting me to create something special for their home. When this project began the only known were really the size and that that the three paintings would be a series not a triptych. I was aware of the painting of mine they liked which prompted the whole commission and I had images of their beautiful environment.

For me a commission has to be just me making my work and when finished hopefully the clients will love the work. Happily that is the case. This was a new and challenging experience however. I do normally work on a number of pieces at one time and they all inform one another but retain their individuality. This was harder because they also will live 4” apart from one another. They really needed to hang together so to speak. It took a lot of time and many layers and many changes. When I thought they were finished I realized one had to be significantly changed to make the three work together in a better way. I had to allow a good painting to become very different which is hard!

It was the right choice and ultimately I am very satisfied with the work and hope these paintings will become a loved part of their new environment.

They are Enduring Spirit, Happiness Unfolding and Home Free – shown here in our dining room. Maybe you would like to commission your own painting!